Our actions

1. River of Words

Serve India is a movement started by Team Everest to encourage more people to volunteer for good causes and bring a change in the society through volunteer mobilization.

Our motive is to motivate others through various initiatives to volunteer atleast once in a month (12/365 ) for the benefit of the nation!

By creating more volunteers who are ready to give their time atleast once in a month, we can make a difference to our nation without depending on any government schemes or help from others.

2. Everest Serve India Drawing contest:

We conduct this drawing contest to make youngsters think about the society at the young age itself! Various topics related to Social service are given to students who express their heart through art! We display the arts drawn by students for the view of the public every year!

3. Everest Serve India Poster contest

13 different topics are given to students to create posters to create social awareness among the students community. Team Everest provides the necessary stationeries to create posters

4. Everest Serve India Deck game

52 cards with 52 different social activities are put up and students are asked to pick it in random. The student need to do the activity mentioned in the deck! The activities includes hugging a tree, watering a plant, sharing an inspirational story etc.

5. Taking school students to old age homes

Through this initiative, we take school students to old age homes to let them know that there is also an another world, a darker side! By taking students to old age home, we feel that they will not leave their parents in such a condition!
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